I’ve been gone from sl for a while. Things in rl have been pretty, hmm I’m not sure what to call it or how to describe it. For those of you who might read this, if anyone does. I’ve been plagued by agoraphobia for the last 5 years. agoraphobia [ag-er-uh–foh-bee-uh] noun, Psychiatry. 1. an abnormal fear of being in crowds, public places, or open areas, sometimes accompanied by anxiety attacks. This keeps me inside my house the majority of the time. I don’t know what caused it, I only know it hit me quickly and has impacted my life horribly. People … Continue reading :/


I can honestly say assuming things has always been a problem of mine and now that I’ve been on the receiving end I can understand how frustrating it can be. Yesterday, D, the daddy that I’ve written about several times before, spent a lot of time online. We played a game on steam together, I went and took a nap and came back to sl later to spend some more time with him. There was someone else that I was looking forward to seeing, but upon his learning of my being with D he took it upon himself to decide … Continue reading Assumptions.


It’s been a long time, a lot has happened. Firstly, I’ll tell about how Daddy and I ended up back together. We were still fighting, still angry, still saying hurtful things to one another until he tp’d me to him. I landed, he told me to get naked. I said, “Why?” I obeyed anyway. Within the next two minutes he had me in a chair and we were sexing. Funny how things like that go. When we were finished the question finally came up, “Are we back together?” I guess the truer question was, were we ever apart? Maybe we … Continue reading Phew…


Last night was full of insults and even more arguing. He assumed that I was with someone else, doing things that couples do, so I just let him think that. In fact I was at a country club, line dancing with a female friend of mine. I wasn’t even talking to anyone of the male persuasion that I’m remotely interested in. I took my word beating and laughed it off, most of it anyway. A lot of the things he says are harsh, make me cry, hurt my feelings. I thankfully can recover pretty quickly from those stings and dry … Continue reading Continuing


The message that I left him this morning and the ensuing conversation about the message was a, for lack of a better word, bummer. He told me that we are nothing but a memory and he didn’t feel anything anymore. So, I guess it’s time to focus on myself and this other person who seems extremely interested in me. I know it’s not the right time to start something new. So, I will take things very slowly. In a way the freedom from a relationship feels good, but it’s also scary. I’ll get over it and I will move on. … Continue reading Numb