It’s been a long time, a lot has happened. Firstly, I’ll tell about how Daddy and I ended up back together. We were still fighting, still angry, still saying hurtful things to one another until he tp’d me to him. I landed, he told me to get naked. I said, “Why?” I obeyed anyway. Within the next two minutes he had me in a chair and we were sexing. Funny how things like that go. When we were finished the question finally came up, “Are we back together?” I guess the truer question was, were we ever apart? Maybe we could consider this one huge fight that lasted days and was resolved in really good make up sex. Then came the hard task of speaking to Dalton about it. I chickened out and did it through email. I didn’t want to talk to him one on one. I think he was surprised how it affected him, as was I. I think he got attached really quickly. The good thing is, we’re still friends. He’s taken interest in my friend Chloe, and she’s taken a liking to him, too. I’m happy for them. Daddy hasn’t been able to talk to me much lately. He was online with me last night for a long time. But, I haven’t heard his voice in what seems like forever and I miss him so much it hurts. He’s got a busy few months ahead, I’ll have to find a way to cope. I thought diving into the clan activities would help, but it’s not. I don’t talk about how much I miss him to anyone because I know it would be annoying, so I’ll just whine about it here where you can either read about it or close the page. At least when we were fighting, we were still talking to each other every day. Now, I don’t know if I’ll hear from him or not. And now is when my mind starts telling me to disengage, turn it off, don’t feel it. It’s either that or sit here and start crying… Both choices are bad. Why can’t I just realize that it is what it is and eventually it will get better?

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