August 9, 2017

Today, I’m just decorating and admiring our house and what I’ve been able to do with it. D’s been extremely busy in RL apparently, so I’m trying to fill my time and not think about missing him too much. I recently ran across Alicia Chenaux on youtube and her videos have inspired me to decorate some more. I took a long hiatus from SL and went back to Minecraft and Ark for a while. I guess sometimes those moments come when the drama of SL just gets to you and you need to take a step back and go away for a while and come back refreshed. As far as Daddy’s and my naughty time…that’s taken a hiatus as well, lol. So I’m not really in the mood to write any erotica or to talk about any sexual things here either. There are lots of thoughts and insecurities floating around in my head atm and I’m just trying really hard to stay positive. It’s hard when you’re not getting much feedback from the person that most of your insecurities revolve around. One of the things I usually do when I feel this way is flirt or cheat or something really bad. It’s not because I don’t care about D, but I feel like I need some kind of reassurance that I’m still wanted. I know it’s stupid, but it’s just who I am and how I do things. So, cross your fingers that I’m able to stay loyal and not eff up again.

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