August 10, 2017

D came on today, I was so glad to finally get some time with him. Of course, we had to discuss a lot of things that had been going on in my head. He calmed my fears and explained that even though he’s busy he still loves me and wants me and needs me. That’s all I needed, just to hear that I’m still in his thoughts when he’s too busy to be online. Now, I’m back on track. We had some sexy time in the bunker..I’m thinking I might post a blog about it on my erotica site.

Also, we are ready to embark on a new adventure. Pretty soon we’ll have the wedding that’s been coming for what seems like forever. We’ve talked about it several times, but we’ve just never gone through with it. Now, I’m determined to do it. That’ll also keep me something else to keep me busy as I’ll have to decorate an area for it somewhere. There will be no guest list, no reception, just us and a venue. I’ll have plenty of pictures to share I hope. Until next time…


Aria Claire Fox ~xx~

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