Monday, October 16, 2017

Hello! I am so excited to tell you about how far I’ve come in the last several months. I found a new therapist, and yes I know I said I’d focus more on second life than first life, but I just had to rave about how much better I’m feeling. I haven’t spent much time in second life as I once did. I might log in about once a week. But, I’m happy to say that I’ve been going out in real life. I have gone to restaurants and had a meal without freaking out and panicking. I’ve also started exercising. Walking a mile 3 times a week! It’s given me so much more energy and kept my depression at bay. The main things I’ve learned in therapy is… “It’s okay to be me.” and “Why let people that I don’t even know ruin my life?” I spent so long worried about what strangers who I’d never see again thought about me. I spent so long crying over things that I couldn’t possibly change. Things in my past, the fact that I can’t get pregnant, the fact that my family in real life doesn’t want to even acknowledge me. And I’ve finally learned…none of that matters. The past is the past, why let it ruin my future? I can’t get pregnant…okay I’ll deal with that, there is another plan for my life. My family doesn’t want me? Okay, that’s their loss not mine. I’m learning to love myself and appreciate the things about me that others do not appreciate. I’m also learning to pamper myself again. I haven’t been to a salon in about 5 years or longer. I have an appointment Wednesday to get my hair done. I have wanted a manicure for the longest time as I’ve finally stopped biting my nails, I have an appointment tomorrow for that! So, I’m here to tell you that if you’re drowning in darkness and you can’t see a way out…it’s there, don’t give up. I believe in you, if I can do it, anyone can. If you’re reading this…I love you and you’re amazing just the way you are. Never let anyone make you feel less, love yourself and nothing else matters.

Until next time…

♥ ~Aria Claire Fox~ xx

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