Is blogmas a thing?

Even if it is, I am pretty late to the party! I have been decorating our land ever since before Thanksgiving. It’s cozy and snowy, and just absolutely what I picture the perfect Christmas to look like. Daddy has been quite busy in real life for the last several months, but I am so thankful to have the few little moments we get to spend together. On December 3rd our tiny princess made her appearance. We’ve named her Winter. She’s sweet and cute and I just love spending time cuddling her gazing at the Christmas tree and the falling snow outside.

I visited Man Cave, it’s a shopping sim for men, to find Daddy a gift to put under the tree. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that now Caspervend has an option to buy the gift and then place a deliver script into a gift box so that the person the gift has been purchased for can click the gift box and receive the item. I don’t know how recent this option has become available, but it is much easier than feeling like you have to deliver the gift as soon as you buy it as it is meant to be a Christmas gift and I didn’t want to send it to him 2 weeks early. The slurl to Man Cave     Visit if you have a special man in your life that you’d like to purchase something for. Try out the new delivery option!

One of my other favorite places to shop for gifts or cards is Snuggles. If it’s an anniversary, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, or you just want to get someone a “thinking of you” surprise, you can find several things that will light up your lover’s day. Snuggles slurl   They also have lots of decorations for Christmas, the best that I’ve seen in second life. So go have a look!

Happy Shopping!

~♥ Aria Claire Fox ~

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