Visiting Christmas Sims

I decided to head out today and have a look around some holiday themed sims. Hoping to run into Santa Claus at some point. I need to take Winter to visit him, I’m sure he’ll be able to decipher what she would like to receive as she talks to him in her baby babble. I typed Christmas in the search bar and the first one that seemed interesting was Calas Christmas Pavilion 2017…slurl

Once inside the pavilion, to the the left, there is a board that will teleport you to sleigh and balloon tours. And beside that is another board to teleport you to their themed sim, “their gift to you” this holiday season. Oh and above that there is a board to teleport you to the Oz Nightclub that is also decorated for Christmas.

On the other side of the pavilion there is a table with free group gifts, the group is also free to join.


This link should take you to the joining page. The gifts are absolutely adorable!

I teleported to the themed sim called Home for Christmas first. There you can pick up some free skis and have a sleigh ride, and so I climbed into the sleigh all alone *sadface* and had a very relaxing drive through their beautiful scenery. One sleigh will hold up to four people, so you could bring your whole family, and of course if you have more than four, just load up multiple sleighs.

I hopped out of the sleigh and had a walk, exploring proved fruitful! I found an ice skating pond. There was a couple gracefully gliding over the ice and I had a seat in a chair by a fire. I sat and watched them for a while just soaking up the ambiance.

If you get a chance this is most definitely a wonderful place to spend some much needed time with loved ones or even alone. It did my soul good.

~♥ Aria Claire Fox~

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